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Volunteer applicants - not paid

Chaplain Office Assistant

Provides administrative, telephone and office support to the Chaplainís Department and assists and supports the Chaplain and Associate Chaplain with worship services. In summer volunteers lead the Campground Worship and may also help with childrenís programs. Visits with guests and staff and encourages participation in worship, other programs and activities sponsored by the Chaplainís Department. Monitors staff computing equipment in the Religious Activities Center (RAC) and alerts Snow Mountain Ranch IT staff to any technical problems. Ensures computer supplies are available. Maintains an attractive and clean appearance in Whispering Pines Chapel and the RAC. Assists the Chaplain and Associate Chaplain in other areas as needed.

Volunteers report to the Department Head or any other supervisor he/she designates. For any position a supervisor may assign other duties from time to time which are required to ensure efficient and timely completion of overall Snow Mountain Ranch goals. Teaming within and across departments is expected.


Job Categories: Chaplain, Volunteer