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Winter Season Intern


This position is a paid, part-time, temporary summer or winter seasonal opportunity. The internship is intended for youth that have either minimal work experience (Cultural Intern) or 2-3 years of experience (Advanced Intern). The intern’s primary task is to find success in their professional, personal, and academic goals while learning acceptable job practices. Interns will learn basic information about Alaska Native cultures and explore their own cultural background.  The intern will gain experience in tourism industry, customer service, and the arts in a cooperative team environment. Individuals who fill this role will learn about the programmatic work that is executed by the Alaska Native Heritage Center. The internship offers the opportunity for youth to gain skills and develop their abilities in the field of cultural non-profit work.


1. Resume

2. Personal biography which includes information about: you, parents, grandparents, village(s) your family is from, town you were raised in, cultural affiliation, hobbies and school. (200 words or less)

3. Two letters of recommendation

4. Copy or photo of Tribal ID Card or Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB)

5. Photo of yourself


Interns will have the opportunity to select, subject to employer’s approval and job availability, from the following positions:

Advance Intern- 2-3 years of work experience. Current college student. Intermediate to advanced in Microsoft Office Skills. Interested in Leadership and Business Management. Will guide the Cultural Programs Interns to execute their individualized projects.

Cultural Programs Intern– Interacts with public in person via phone and email.  Develops computer skills, performs filing, inventory, and other clerical related office duties. Assists with cultural programs and develops and executes an individualized personal project.


Cultural Education:

  1. Learn and share about traditional Alaska Native fishing, art, plants, hunting, dancing, storytelling, etc.
  2. Assist in the delivery of and work on a variety of Cultural programs and projects.



  1. Knowledge of Alaska Native cultures
  2. Individual will need good communication skills. 
  3. Individual must have the ability to multi-task and have the ability to use good judgment. 



  1. Additional duties as assigned based on needs of the business.



  1. Indoors: Primarily in an environmentally controlled office;
  2. Outdoors: Ability to work outside in all weather conditions typical for Anchorage Alaska Summers and /or Winters.

Noise level:

  1. Quiet to moderate.

Physical requirements:

  1. Employee is required to lift and/or move up to 10 lbs.
  2. Frequently required to sit, stand, walk, use hands/fingers to handle or feel, climb, stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl, talk/hear, see, taste/smell, and carry weight/lift.
  3. Applicants for internship must be between the ages of 14 and 24 as of September 15th, 2021.  Preference for individuals familiar with Alaska Native/Native American culture. We reserve the right to make hiring decisions preferential to Native Alaskans.