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Project Assistant Curator

The Unipkaaqti Project Assistant Curator will work with the Unipkaaqti Project. The Assistant Curator will play a critical role in stewarding a large and diverse collection of Alaska Native arts, crafts, and culturally significant items. Assistant Curator responsibilities include working closely with the Curator of Collections and Exhibits to participate in a variety of tasks associated with museum curation, collections management, and exhibit design. The individual who is hired in this position will assist the Collections Department with cataloging, photographing, digitizing, and inventorying collections. They will also aid staff members with designing exhibits, drafting label text, and coordinating with community members. The Assistant Curator will additionally be required to attend at least one conference related to museum curation during their term at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. Through this position, the Assistant Curator will gain technical skills in museum curation and develop strong community connections. To succeed in this role, individuals who apply should have excellent time management and organizational skills, as you will be expected to work both independently and in collaboration with internal teams to deliver results on deadlines.




  1. Work with a diverse range of Alaska Native arts, crafts, and other items.
  2. Catalogue items in ANHC’s Past Perfect database.
  3. Write drafts of label text.
  4. Contribute to exhibit designs.
  5. Photograph items housed in the ANHC’s collection.
  6. Attend required trainings on museum curation, collections management, and exhibit design.
  7. Coordinate project management activities, resources, equipment, and information.
  8. Break projects into doable actions and set timeframes.
  9. Work with the Curator of Collections and Exhibits to ensure the execution of the project plan.
  10. Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation, plans and reports.
  11. Ensure standards and requirements are met through conducting quality assurance tests.










  1. Proven work experience as a Curator or similar role.
  2. Proficiency in writing and public speaking.
  3. Experience with photography and similar technology.
  4. Ability to manage projects with multiple components.
  5. Experience in project management, from conception to delivery.
  6. Bachelor’s degree in Museum Studies or related field.
  7. An ability to prepare and interpret flowcharts, schedules and step-by-step action plans.
  8. Solid organizational skills, including multitasking and time-management.
  9. Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Suite.
  10. Be able to prepare reports in word and excel.  
  11. Have basic computer skills.
  12. Skill in the use of copier, fax, and other office equipment.



  1. Have understanding of best practices in curation and Museum Sovereignty.
  2. Have basic knowledge of Alaska, Alaska’s history, and Alaska Native cultures. 
  3. Have basic understanding of ANHC’s mission, direction, and history or be willing to receive training. 


  1. Receive direction and guidance from department supervisors.
  2. Work as a team or independently.  
  3. Ability to problem solve individually and seek assistance from the supervisor as needed. 



  1. Additional duties as assigned based on needs of the business.





  1. Indoors: Primarily in an environmentally controlled office, on or off-site;
  2. Outdoors: Ability to work in all Alaska weather conditions.


Noise level:

  1. Quiet to moderate, with occasional periods of extreme loudness


Physical requirements:

  1. Employee is required to lift and/or move up to 25 lbs.
  2. Frequently required to sit, stand, walk, use hands/fingers to handle or feel, climb, stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl, talk/hear, see, taste/smell, and carry weight/lift.








I have reviewed and understand the above position description and believe it to be accurate and complete.

I also agree that ANHC retains the right to change this job description at any time and will provide me with written revisions and addendum prior to the installation of the new policies or requirements.

I will also be provided a copy of a Company Policy Manual, detailing other requirements and responsibilities, in addition to those stated in this document.  I also understand that, although there are areas, which can be delegated to other members of my staff, I am fully accountable for assuring that these areas are carried out on a daily or weekly basis.  The functional role of Program Coordinator cannot be delegated to another member of the team.

Therefore, the undersigned are in common agreement on the functional role of the Assistant Curator as outlined in this document.  It is understood and agreed that this Position Description is intended to serve as a listing of the requirements for this position, the authority for action that the individual occupying the Assistant Curator’s position has and the responsibilities and duties to be performed.  This document is not intended as a contract for employment, nor does it guarantee employment for any period of time.   Employment is “At Will” and employment may be mutually terminated at any time.




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* Please provide a signed copy to employee and send original to Avitus Group Inc. for employee’s personnel file.