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Cultural Tourism

Intern (DEED Program)

JOB TITLE:                            Intern (DEED Program)

DEPARTMENT:                  Cultural Tourism

REPORT TO:                        Senior Cultural Programs Manager

DATE REVISED:                  January 12, 2024

CLASSIFICATION:             Non-Exempt; hourly (Temporary/Seasonal)





Under the direction of the Cultural Programs Managers, Coordinator, and program staff the intern position provides a variety of support functions for summer programming and activities for visitors of all ages during the summer season. Interns are placed in a variety of different positions across the organization including; Admissions, Tours, Cultural Education, the Ch’k’iqadi Gallery, and Facility and Event Rentals.




Social Enterprise:


Cultural Tourism:


Cultural Education:








Noise level:


Physical requirements:




REQUIREMENTS (to be included as a part of the application packet):

1. Resume

2. Personal biography which includes information about: you, parents, grandparents, village(s) your family is from, town you were raised in, cultural affiliation, hobbies, and school. (200 words or less)

3. One letter of recommendation

4. (Optional) Copy or photo of Tribal ID Card or Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB)

5. Photo of yourself






I have reviewed and understand the above position description and believe it to be accurate and complete.

I also agree that ANHC retains the right to change this job description at any time and will provide me with written revisions and an addendum prior to the installation of the new policies or requirements.

I will also be provided with a copy of a Company Policy Manual, detailing other requirements and responsibilities, in addition to those stated in this document.  I also understand that, although there are areas which can be delegated to other members of my staff, I am fully accountable for assuring that these areas are carried out on a daily or weekly basis.  The functional role of Intern cannot be delegated to another member of the team.

Therefore, the undersigned are in common agreement on the functional role of the Intern, as outlined in this document.  It is understood and agreed that this Position Description is intended to serve as a listing of the requirements for this position, the authority for action that the individual occupying the Intern’s position has and the responsibilities and duties to be performed.  This document is not intended as a contract for employment, nor does it guarantee employment for any period of time.   Employment is “At Will” and employment may be mutually terminated at any time.




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Intern                                                                                                   Supervisor


Date:________________                                                                             Date:_______________



* Please provide a signed copy to Human Resources for the employee’s personnel file.