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Administrative Events Assistant

JOB TITLE:                            Administrative Assistant Events

DEPARTMENT:                  Social Enterprise

REPORT TO:                        Events Manager

DATE REVISED:                  February 28, 2022

CLASSIFICATION:             Non-Exempt; FT-Regular





Under the direction of the Events Manger this position will primarily be responsible for supporting Events and Facility Rentals in the Social Enterprise Department.  This role will provide the highest level of customer service for internal and external clients and will work collaboratively with other departments, primarily Facility Maintenance, Accounting, Cultural Tourism, and Marketing Departments.  This position will be the main point of contact for event and facility rentals, organizing the general calendar and inputting and tracking information in the events software program.








  1. Indoors: Primarily in an environmentally controlled office, on or off-site.


Noise level:

  1. Quiet to moderate


Physical requirements:

  1. Employee is required to lift and/or move up to 25 lbs.
  2. Frequently required to sit, stand, walk, use hands/fingers to handle or feel, climb, stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl, talk/hear, see, taste/smell, and carry weight/lift.










I agree that ANHC retains the right to change this job description at any time and will provide me with written revisions and addendum prior to the installation of the new policies or requirements.

I will also be provided a copy of a Company Policy Manual, detailing other requirements and responsibilities, in addition to those stated in this document.  I also understand that, although there are areas, which can be delegated to other members of staff, I am fully accountable for assuring that these areas are carried out on a daily or weekly basis.  The functional role of this job description cannot be delegated to another member of the team.

Therefore, the undersigned are in common agreement on the functional role of this job description, as outlined in this document.  It is understood and agreed that this Position Description is intended to serve as a listing of the requirements for this position, the authority for action that the individual occupying the position has and the responsibilities and duties to be performed.  This document is not intended as a contract for employment, nor does it guarantee employment for any period of time.   Employment is “At Will” and employment may be mutually terminated at any time.