Horse Ambulance Driver

Position: Horse Ambulance Driver

Job Category: Part time seasonal

Reports to: Track Superintendent


General Description:

Operate tractor and horse ambulance. Observe horses before, during and after all races and be ready to drive to the injured horse's location, to safely load it into the ambulance and transport it to the clinic or barn as directed.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

Willing to train! Prior experience with horses is desirable. Safety for both driver and horse is a prime concern. Will be handling horses that are frightened and injured. Able to observe horses before, during and after race looking for possible problems and the need for the horse ambulance. Basic knowledge of tractor and equipment operation. Skill in handling an injured horse, loading into ambulance and safely transporting to barn or clinic. Ability to communicate with other personnel about information needed for records of ambulance reports.

Special Requirements:

Work Environment, Communication & Physical Abilities:

Easy paced work environment, but needs to be prepared for quick action at any moment. Work is always outdoors in sometimes wet, windy, cold conditions. The tractor offers no protection from the elements; wet track material may be flying around and on the tractor driver. When picking up an injured horse the employee will be working in an environment that is stressful for all involved and particular attention must be paid to the safety of the employee and horse. Assistance is provided but occasionally fails to arrive. Communicate with staff, horse owners, supervisors, and veterinary personnel with courtesy and respect. Physical abilities are, but not limited to:

Tools & Equipment:

John Deere 5300 tractor, horse ambulance, hydraulics, and other equipment. Binoculars. Hand held radio for communication with Starter or other employees.