Restroom Attendant

Position: Stable Restroom Attendant

Job Category: Part time seasonal

Reports to: Stable Superintendent

General Description:

Stable Restroom Attendants are responsible to perform tasks such as sweeping, restroom cleaning, collecting and disposing of trash. Maintain cleanliness of restroom and surrounding stable area. Related work includes trash containers, floors, ledges, counters and tables as required. Must be a self- starter and have the ability to work independently. Performs a variety of housekeeping duties in order to maintain the facility in a neat and sanitary condition by cleaning and assisting when required.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

Skills in being a Team Player with emphasis on reaching out, being friendly and showing courtesy. Ability to be sensitive and show positive regards for fellow employees. Ability to work independently under limited supervision. Ability to understand directions and willingly accept responsibility. Ability to meet organization and departmental appearance standards on the job. Ability to perform routine and repetitive tasks such as wiping, mopping, pulling trash and sweeping. Knowledge or ability to understand cleaning chemicals and procedures used by the Stable Maintenance Department. Work situations are routine requiring attention to detail.  May include interaction with customers. Demonstrates caring actions and basic employee relations, provides good customer service skills and contributes to the success of our organization.  Must be able to drive golf cards to carried supplies around the facility.

Work Environment, Communication & Physical Abilities: