Denali Paddlesports

Bus Drivers

Bus drivers must possess an Alaska Class C Commercial Drivers License with Passenger endorsement (Class C CDL with P endorsement). Due to insurance requirements, Denali Paddlesports requires that its new hires for bus drivers have five years driving experience, a clean driving record, and qualify quickly for the Alaska Class C CDL with P endorsement. The license fees are approximately $150.00. Drivers are responsible for paying their own fees. We will assist with bus training in addition to providing a bus for your road test. Driver training and bus rental fees are waived as long as the applicant/employee successfully completes a full season of work. In the event of termination prior to the end of the season, individuals are responsible for reimbursing Denali Paddlesports for the costs of their training as well as paying any bus rental fees. Federal Law subjects all CDL drivers to pre-employment, random, probable cause and post accident drug and alcohol testing. Denali Paddlesports adheres to all applicable local, state and federal laws regarding commercial vehicles operation.

Bus drivers who have any expectations of becoming whitewater guides are encouraged to have up to date certifications in advanced first aid and SRT (Swiftwater River Technician). Each year in the spring Nenana Raft Adventures offers classes allowing candidates to obtain these certifications. The advanced first aid class is one approved by the State of Alaska’s Division of Emergency Preparedness and is a class leading to Emergency Trauma Technician (ETT) certification. Candidates from the Lower 48 frequently substitute Wilderness First Responder certification for the ETT certification. Candidates who select the in-house Nenana Raft training must pay for their ETT and SRT training. Normally the combined cost of both these classes is just under $500.

Typical duties for bus drivers:

• Conduct pre-trip and post-trip bus inspections.
• Clean bus, gas up bus.
• Drive bus from Healy to Denali hotels, pick up guests, help them into the bus, provide them with a positive first experience with the company.
• Distribute release forms to guests and assure that each guest has signed a release form.
• Drive bus from Denali hotels to the Nenana Raft Adventures office.
• Help guides fit guests with drysuits and PFDs and assist them with this gear.
• Assure that each guest's personal gear is put in to the right bus.
• Follow whitewater trip and at various locations leave the bus to observe the raft trip.
• Treat all guests with courtesy, remembering whose vacation it is.
• Maintain friendly, positive attitude towards guests and coworkers.
• Be a team player. Display good judgment. Be dependable, punctual, willing to abide by Denali Paddlesports criteria for employment.
• Be willing to assist mechanic staff with basic repair and maintenance of buses, vans, trailers, and other vehicles.
• Other duties as assigned.