Permaculturist-Organic Gardener

The garden department at Sorrel River Ranch is looking for a seasonal gardener from March to November 2018. We are looking for long term candidates who would ideally work with us for 2 or more seasons. Our department maintains an event garden, indoor microgreens growing space, and a 1.75 acre vegetable garden. This year we are increasing our compost, biochar and worm castings production; and starting mushroom cultivation and hydroponics.

The work varies day to day. Part of the work day is general maintenance - watering, monitoring irrigation systems, keeping areas clean, pruned, raked and weeded, moving compost and mulch, fixing low tunnels, feeding and watering worms, preventative IPM practices etc. The other part is projects -- starting seeds, propagation from cuttings, building garden infrastructure (trellises, compost tea system, planter boxes etc) transplanting, sheet mulching, amending beds, setting up irrigation in new zones, planting trees etc.

As team members of the resort we are sometimes needed to help in other departments or with events. The garden provides a guest experience at the resort. Organization, cleanliness, and presentation of our growing spaces is top priority. This often involves sweeping, mopping, taking out the trash, moving furniture, cleaning windows and dusting in indoor grow spaces.

We are looking for a well-rounded and passionate individual. The ideal candidate is:Experienced gardener or farmhand (2 seasons minimum), Experienced with permaculture and soil building practices. An effective problem solver, a team player, positive, friendly, service-oriented , dedicated, detail-oriented, passionate about agriculture and protecting the environment and ambitious/focused

In your application, please include:


Three references

(Optional: Farm and garden related photos or social media (Instagram) link)

Cover letter addressing the following questions:

What kinds of farms and gardens have you worked on?

What did you grow?

What kinds of bed prep did you do?

What soil amendments did you use?

What propagation methods have you used? (Direct seeding, seed starting, cuttings, air-layering, grafting etc.)

What kinds of farm/garden projects did you participate in?

Why are you passionate about fresh and responsibly grown produce?

Have you worked in the service or hospitality industry before?

What kind of impact do you want to make on the world?