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Alaska Canopy Adventures - Juneau

Lead Canopy Guide

Responsible for instructing and leading participant groups on the zip course. This position requires applicants to be comfortable working at great heights. Applicants must have strong risk management orientation. Qualified applicants will have at least three months of experience as an Assistant Canopy Guide with a proven record of recommendations for promotion. A skill test and written test will also be required.

Summary of Essential Job Functions
· Responsible for overseeing the progress of an assigned participant group
· Supervises the work of any Assistant Guide or Trainee assigned to the group
· Conducts a complete inspection of all course components and all course gear
· Fits course gear correctly and supervises the use of all personal safety equipment
· Leads the orientation sessions and conducts a proper screening of participants
· Clearly communicates safety procedures and guidelines to large groups of guests
· Provides leadership and training to other staff as approved through the Course Supervisor
· Models and communicates appropriate risk management to other staff
· Contributes to our risk management system through risk assessment, self-evaluation, and communication
· Leads and/or Assists in course maintenance and inspections

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