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Taquan Air - Ketchikan

Dock Hand


Freight and dockworkers are a very important part of our company.  We depend on them to be self-motivated, to know what their duties are, and to perform them without a great deal of supervision.  We need personnel who are not just working for a paycheck, but people interested in the success of the company.

Prerequisites are as follows:

1)    Safety Conscious

2)    Minimum age 21 years

3)    Physically fit; able to lift and move heavy items, and help handle aircraft.

4)    Good Character

5)    Insurable (auto)

6)    Clean Driving Record

7)    Able to complete D.O.T. physical prior to employment

8)    Clean/ neat appearance

9)    Works well with others

10)  Can follow instructions

11)  Punctual

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