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Ski & Board School- Guest Service Supervisor

JOB TITLE: Ski and Snowboard School - Guest Service Supervisor                 

REPORTS TO:  Ski and Snowboard School


This is a full-time position that will oversee the indoor support operations of the Ski and Board School at both base areas.   Oversight includes directing guests to the proper programs, ensuring the guest flow through tickets and rentals is efficient and guest friendly, maintaining professional indoor facilities, food preparation and service, food and supply ordering, the set-up of indoor facilities, scheduling of indoor staff, and assists in the organization of children inside the facilities.  Skiing or riding is not required for this position.



To help the Business Manager oversee reservations, sales, and administrative needs of the instructional program. The functions below are essential to your job:

Activity / Hours per Day

Sitting - 3-6 hours per day

Walking - 3-6 hours per day

Standing - 3-6 hours per day

Bending (neck) - 3-6 hours per day

Bending (waist) - 3-6 hours per day

Squatting - 3-6 hours per day

Climbing - 3-6 hours per day

Kneeling - 3-6 hours per day

Crawling - 3-6 hours per day

Twisting (neck) - 3-6 hours per day

Twisting (waist) - 3-6 hours per day

Hand Use

  Is repetitive use required - 3-6 hours per day

  Simple Grasping - 3-6 hours per day

  Power Grasping - 3-6 hours per day

  Fine Manipulation - 3-6 hours per day

  Pushing & Pulling - 3-6 hours per day

  Reaching (above shoulder) - 3-6 hours per day

Sight - 6-8 hours per day

Hearing - 6-8 hours per day

Smell - 0 hours per day

Taste - 0 hours per day

Lifting, Carrying / Hours per Day

0 – 10 lbs. - frequently, 3-6 hours per day

11-25 lbs. - frequently, 3-6 hours per day

26-50 lbs. - occasionally, up to 3 hours per day

51-75 lbs. - occasionally, up to 3 hours per day

76-100 lbs. - occasionally, up to 3 hours per day

100+ lbs. - never

Other Physical Requirements:

Driving Cars, trucks, forklifts, or other Equipment - No

Working around equipment and machinery - Yes

Walking on uneven ground - Yes, stairs and ramps. 

Exposure to excessive noise - No

Exposure to extreme temperatures - Yes, weather when shoveling snow. 

Exposure to humidity or wetness - Yes, all weather for some outdoor events. 

Exposure to dust, gas, fumes, or chemicals - Yes, occasionally from cleaning supplies. 

Working at heights - No

Operation of foot controls or repetitive foot movement - No

Use of special visual or auditory protective equipment - No

Working with bio-hazards such as: - No

Blood borne pathogens, sewage, hospital waste, etc. - No

Skiing or Snowboarding - No


Job Categories: Ski and Snowboard School, Admin