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*Wheeled Sports

Trail Crew Lead

Leads, organizes and supervises the Summit Trail Crew. The trail crew monitors, repairs and maintains the Summit mountain bike trails. The trail crew also leads teams of volunteer conservation workers.

Reports To:  Wheels Program Manager

Principle Responsibilities:

 Train and supervise staff in execution of trail crew operations.

 Direct the opening and closing of the Summit trails, tracks and other facilities

 Keep an accurate inventory of supplies and request more as needed in a timely manner

 Oversee the regular maintenance of all trails, tracks and dirt jumps used for MTB and BMX programs at the Summit Bechtel Reserve

 Ensure that all equipment is used properly, inventoried, and returned in good repair

 Ensure that all paperwork is filled out accurately and timely

 Carry out and enforce the policies and procedures outlined in the Summit Bechtel Reserve Staff Handbook

 Provide periodic written performance evaluations for direct reports and insure that all trail crew staff receives periodic performance evaluations by their direct supervisor.

 Ensure all programs, staff, and facilities are in compliance with National Camp Accreditation Standards, state/federal laws, and any other applicable standards

 Participate in all camp-wide activities

 Any other duties as assigned by full-time staff and/or direct supervisor

Qualifications & Training:

 Be or become a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America

 18 years or older (21+ preferred)

 Able to secure a Summit Driving Permit

 Have significant experience maintaining MTB trails, BMX tracks and/or dirt jumps

 Have experience operating heavy machinery

 Have significant experience riding mountain bikes and/or BMX

 Good organizational skills

Physical Requirements:

 Must meet the Summit Bechtel Reserve’s high adventure height/weight requirements as laid out in the Summit BSA Health & Medical Record

 Must be able to lift and handle materials weighing up to 70lbs

Uniform:  Summit staff uniform – staff polo shirt w/ green or grey shorts/pants

Housing:  10x12’ Platform Tent; Echo Staff Camp