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Kenai Fjords Tours - Maintenance

Assistant Port Mechanic/Engineer


Assist the Port Engineer with coordination, maintenance and improvement of company owned vessels and vehicles in order to maximize guest satisfaction, provide comfortable and safe transportation for our guests and staff, stay in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and maintain a cost effective operation


Major Activities (Typical Duties/Responsibilities):

/ Assist the Port Engineer and Captain(s) conduct maintenance activities on company vessels and vehicles. Thoroughly document all activities as required, creating a functional recordkeeping history

/ Assist the Port Engineer and Captain(s) with providing service to the boat and vehicle fleet, with long term guest safety, comfort, and costs in mind

/ Maintain and organize adequate supplies of key maintenance and repair parts on hand to ensure periodic maintenance can happen without waiting for parts and that down time is minimized during summer months

/ Provide assistance to the Port Engineer, Transportation Coordinator and Operations Department when they are working with vendors, both parts and service, to ensure that we take advantage of our buying power

/ Responsible for the Phoenix Avenue warehouse including petroleum storage, tool storage, and general security. Coordinate with Boat Captains, Land Facilities Maintenance Technician and Transportation Coordinator to ensure prompt and proper disposal of all waste products, including but not limited to used oil collection

/ Coordinate with the Land Facilities Maintenance Technician to ensure that the Phoenix Avenue warehouse is maintained with safety and functionality in mind

/ Assist the captains with maintenance activities of the boat crew. Stress the value of scheduled routine maintenance

/ Provided assistance to the Land Facilities and Fox Island Maintenance Technicians regarding all aspect of the Fox Island operation, including but not limited to; electrical and fresh water systems

/ Assist the Port Engineer and/or Transportation Coordinator to help ensure vessels and vehicles are maintained within applicable US Coast Guard and US Department of Transportation standards

/ Assist with land facilities maintenance as required

Skills + Abilities:

/ Thorough understanding of operation of diesel and gas internal combustion engines, associated cooling systems, both A/C and D/C electrical systems, hydraulic systems, fresh and seawater plumbing systems and marine electronics

/ Excellent troubleshooting and analysis skills regarding mechanical, hydraulic and electrical failures

/ Be able to come up with cost effective, durable solutions to often complex mechanical problems

/ Trained small water systems operator. (Training through State of Alaska DEC)

Physical Abilities:

/ Physical ability to climb ladders

/ Lift up to 100 pounds on a regular basis

/ Enter and operate in confined spaces

/ Operate power tools

/ Operate in environment with breathing apparatus

/ Operate company vehicles

Minimum Qualifications:

/ SEC certification or extensive experience in commercial vehicle maintenance

/ Parts inventory and purchasing experience

/ Aware of general principles of Inventory Management

/ Extensive experience as a licensed marine engineer or as the head of a significant marine maintenance organization.