Lift Operations (Winter Season)

Lift Operator (Intermediate Skier/Snowboard Preferred)

Taos Ski Valley, Inc.
Lift operators provide efficient, and quality uphill transportation to our guests.
This position reports to the Lift Operations Supervisor, Assistant Supervisor, and/or Lead Operators.
The following qualifications must have been proven at TSV, Inc. or verified by previous employers. These are the basic skills and attitudes an applicant will be expected to bring to this job as opposed to those to be learned on the job.
·         Able to work outdoors in all types of extreme and harsh weather conditions and temperatures.
·         Able to arrive to work on time (7:50 AM) and provide own lunch for every scheduled workday.
·         Able to work overtime or substitute for another employee as necessary.
·         Able to perform physically strenuous tasks such as loading chairs in excess of 25 pounds of force or more, and/or shoveling snow for up to 6 hours in an 8-hour shift. These tasks involve strength, flexibility, agility, and endurance.
·         Able to ride chairlift unassisted
       Applicants must be able to ski, snowboard, to lift stations on the mountain, strong snowsport ability prefered and will be evaluated on proficiency before being assigned to upper mountain lifts.
·         Physically and mentally capable of climbing above the ground onto lift equipment.
·         Handles stressful situations with tact and good judgement.
·         Establishes and maintains productive work relationships with co-workers, other TSV staff, Supervisors, and Management.
·       Responds to skiing guests and other employees in a courteous, friendly, and helpful manner; knows enough about TSV’s policies, procedures, and area activities to answer guests’ questions or to easily direct them to someone who can.
After a training period, lift operators must be capable of performing these essential job functions and adhering to these procedures:
·                     Knows, understands, and follows the proper procedures to operate assigned lifts by using prescribed lift operating proce­dures.
·                     Assists our guests as they load the lift and occasionally able to load children up to 50 pounds
·                     Demonstrates working knowledge of the operation of main and auxiliary drives, service and emergency brakes, control circuits and telephones for all lifts to which (s)he may be assigned.
·                     Able to ride chairlift unassisted and to ski or snowboard to lift station,
·                     Knows how to contact the designated individuals for answers to questions regarding emergencies, maintenance or service.
·                     Carries out required daily tasks such as snow maintenance/removal, maintenance of loading and/or unloading ramps, courteously dealing with guests, etc.        
·                     Maintains records such as daily log sheets, lift incident reports.
·                     Follows all company procedures for mechanical failures, lift evacuation, adverse weather conditions or any other occurrence that may adversely affect the safety of the passengers or lift equipment.
·                     Follows all company policies set forth in the Employee Handbook and the Area Lift Operators Guide.
Maintains a professional, yet appropriate to Lift Operations and Taos Ski Valley, appearance and attire as described in the Taos Ski Valley Employee Handbook.
This position is scheduled for five days/week 7:50 AM through 4:20 PM which includes an unpaid ½ hour lunch break. However, in some cases you may be required to work through lunch and be compensated accordingly. The schedule may include weekends and overtime may be required. You may be required to work extra days or hours during holiday and busy periods and have a reduction of hours during slow periods.

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