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Cancer Center

Radiation Therapist - Full Time - 1/11/19

Bargaining Unit:  Licensed                            Rate of Pay:  $49.96 / HR +  DOE

SUMMARY:   Demonstrates expertise in care and the precise delivery of the prescribed dose of radiation to patients undergoing Radiation Therapy. Demonstrates expertise in all aspects of simulation.  Prepares customized patient blocks.


Position the patient to reproduce daily set-up from the CT simulator including but not limited to: 

Setting the correct field size. 

Verifies (using daily time out), the patients name, date of birth, wrist band ID, treatment site, treatment laterality, energy, appropriate collimator angle, gantry angles on the linear accelerator; properly places correct shielding, wedges, compensators, and immobilization devices.

Operates the linear accelerator (True Beam) by setting appropriate controls on the console.

Activates the machine to deliver prescribed treatment indicated on the treatment plan.  

Monitors the patient and equipment during treatment.

Obtains and processes CBCT/KV/portal/verification films.

Takes photographs of patient treatment fields and loads them into the patient’s chart.

Performs quality assurance procedures on linear accelerator and simulator.

Accountable in simulation for positioning the patient in proper orientation using positioning aids and immobilization devices.

Works with physician to obtain optimum fields of treatment through the use of CT simulation.

Maintains cleanliness of the equipment, treatment room, and simulation room and consoles/workstations.

Accountable for input of patient daily charges into the computer system.

Demonstrates System Values in performance and behavior.

Complies with System policies and procedures.

Other duties may be assigned.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE:  Associate’s degree (A.A.) or equivalent from two-year college or technical school. Completion of a two year accredited Radiation Therapy program is required. 1-2 years’ experience as a Radiation Therapist is preferred.

LICENSES, CERTIFICATIONS:  Required: ARRT certification, BLS certification required or within 2 months of hire.  Preferred: None

OTHER EXPERIENCE/QUALIFICATIONS:  Experience working with the following: portable oxygen tanks, stretchers, wheelchairs, Linear Accelerator, CT Simulator, Block Cutter, drills and hand tools, Vac-Loc bags, aquaplast masks (water tank), ARIA Radiation Therapy Information System, Computers and treatment planning Computer, tattoo materials, including needles, contrast media, cameras, block fabrication.