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Northern Alaska Tour Company

Guide - Must Have Alaska Experience

Guiding with Northern Alaska Tour Company is a high-energy position best suited to individuals who make social connections easily, who genuinely love interacting with others and who thrive in positions of responsibility.   

All of our tours are ground-based, traveling into northern Alaska on the industrial road called the Dalton Highway. We use 15 passenger vans configured to carry fewer than 10 persons and 25 passenger coaches. We share the road with heavy trucks freighting material to Deadhorse on the Arctic Coast of Alaska to support the oil fields around Prudhoe Bay; other tour operators and work crews; and, every once in a while, independent private vehicles. Guides share the story of Alaska's Arctic - the human history from early Native inhabitants to Russian fur traders to gold miners, homesteaders and the oil industry; as well as the natural history of permafrost, the boreal forest, and its wild creatures. They manage the day and guest expectations, help guests make connections to each other and to the environment, and generally ensure that each guest is as comfortable, engaged and enjoying themselves as possible.

Our guide training includes intensive Professional Vehicle Operator Training that will result in the obtaining of a class B commercial driver license and competency with CB radios and communication protocols for interacting with other Dalton Highway users. In addition, beginning guides receive instruction in tour design and in effective, professional guiding techniques. There is a three day field seminar early in the summer during which time is devoted to the basic knowledge one is expected to master, and guides will do a "ride-along" tour with a seasoned veteran before going out with their first group.

All guides start out conducting our Arctic Circle Drive Adventure. This long-time staple of NATC begins in Fairbanks, ground tours north along the Elliott Highway to the homestead at Joy and the Arctic Circle Trading Post, past the historic gold mining district of Livengood (now a ghost town) to the Dalton Highway. From the junction of the Dalton, the tour continues north to the Yukon River, Finger Mountain and finally the Arctic Circle. After that, it turns and comes back along the same road, stopping in different places on the way into Fairbanks. The total distance to the Circle and back is almost exactly 400 miles - a fairly slow and rough 400 miles.

Please consider applying as a part time or full time guide if all of the following applies to you:
-You enjoy working hard with satisfying results!
-You would absolutely enjoy sharing with visitors your enthusiasm for the land and peoples that are Alaska's Arctic! 
-You want to work with a team of coworkers passionately committed to working together to create a high-quality travel experience in Alaska's Arctic!
-You want to work in a positive work environment with coworkers that are supportive of each other's personal goals!
-You would embrace having a physical work environment that is the splendor of Alaska's Arctic!
-You would appreciate the personal growth resulting from the challenges accompanying the independence and responsibility associated with guiding or coordinating a group!
Guiding seasons: 
Aurora Season (Aug 21-April 21)
Midnight Sun Season (April 21-August 21)
We do have year round guides, so guides joining our team in the winter months are given the option to stay on through the Midnight Sun Season.   
Training: Begins ASAP. Our Professional Vehicle Operator Training program is 140+ hours, we compensate for these hours at minimum wage. Everyone must successfully complete our program regardless of previous commercial operating experience. 
1 to 4 days per week [1 day during slower periods, 4 days during peaks] 
12 to 18 hours per day [dependent upon the excursion guided]
18 to 50 hours per week [dependent upon full time or part time status] 
Full-time and/or part-time year round and seasonal positions are available
   First Year Guide: $12.00/hr + $1.00/hr season completion bonus + gratuities 
   (On average 30-50% of weekly hours are overtime)  
   FYI: Second Year Guide:  $14.00/hr + $1.00/hr season completion bonus